Guidelines for Abstract Submission

To be considered for presentation in the conference, submitted abstracts should:

  1. Be written in English
  2. Be relevant with the theme or subthemes of the conference
  3. Have never been presented in other conferences or be published in any journals
  4. Be a maximum of 250 word long
  5. Have a title that briefly but clearly describe the content. The title should be maximum 12 word long
  6. Have 3 - 5 keywords that help identify the content
  7. Be typed using a standard word processor such as Microsoft Word. Use the template provided in this website
  8. Have completed biographical statements of the author(s) (in the user registration)

The abstract should be registered via our open conference system website at

Guidelines for Full Paper Submission

The followings are some guidelines for full paper submission in EDUTICON 2017:




  1. The article should be written in full in English. All authors are responsible for grammatical accuracy of their papers.
  2. The article should be typed using a standard word processing software (MS Word or the equivalent) and be saved in .docx or .doc format.
  3. The document should be named by using the format: FP_ID_FullName where ID should be changed by your Submission ID (Included in our acceptance letter). In case an article is written by more than one authors, please type the first author and  add _etal to the document's name (e.g.: FP_001_IndriAnastasia_etal).
  4. Include the short biography of the author(s) in another word document. Papers with more than one authors only need one document. Save the file as BIO_ID_FullName in which the ID_and FullName are similar to the full paper. The authors are advised to write the biography in the third person point of view (i.e., using He or She)
  5. The article should be sent directly to the committee's email: by the due date. CHECK: Important Dates Please write the subject of the email similar to the name of your sent article.


  1. The article should be typed in A4 sized document, normal margin, Font Times New Roman 12, single-space, left justified (except for abstract, centered)
  2. The article should be between 6 - 12 page long, including title, author information, and references
  3. Research paper will typically consist of the following elements:
    1. Title (maximum 12 word long)
    2. Full name of author(s)
    3. Author's affiliation
    4. Author's email address
    5. Abstract (maximum 250 words)
    6. Keywords (3-5 words/phrases)
    7. Introduction
    8. Method
    9. Findings and Discussion
    10. Conclusion and Suggestion
    11. References
    12. Appendices (if any)
  4. Non-research paper will typically consist of point a-e, an Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. However, depending on the nature of the research, alternatives on how the paper is organized may still be considered.
  5. The paper should be organized into maximum three subheading levels:

    LEVEL ONE (All uppercase, Bold, Left-Justified)

    Level Two (Sentence case (i.e. capital for first letter only), bold, left-justified)

    Level Three (Sentence case, bold, italics, left justified. Please use Level 3 only when it is really necessary)

    1. The citation and references should be formatted in accordance with APA style).
    2. If appendices are needed, please arrange them as Appendix A, Appendix B, and so on.



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