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English UNJA Conferences is developed by English Education Study Program FKIP Universitas Jambi (English UNJA) as a medium for managing conferences/seminars hosted by English UNJA. This website is used for announcement, abstract/papers submission,  review, scheduling, and papers repository. Access is open to public; However, user registration prior to use (e.g. as Reader) will be very much appreciated. Please contact us directly or via our email for further information

English Education International Conference (EDUTICON)

English Education International Conference (EDUTICON) is a biennial international conference conducted by English Education Study Program, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, University of Jambi (English UNJA). Starting in 2015, This forum gathers researchers, educators, and enthusiasts in English language education and all related disciplines from all over the world to discuss, share, and disseminate their research, best practices, ideas, and innovations in the fields of English language education and related fields.

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